What You Can Do to Help

Join Sampling Efforts

Click Contact Us above to join other volunteers for sampling events.

CLEAR hosts volunteer-based sampling events three times per year. These single day events take place in early spring, mid-summer and the day after Thanksgiving (which we lovingly refer to as Blue Friday). Volunteers go to their designated site to collect a water sample using a pole or rope sampler setup. Once the sample is collected volunteers return the samples to the Urban Ecology Center where they are then passed on to University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee’s School of Freshwater Sciences and Carrol University for analysis.


Safely Dispose of Medications

Many of us grew up thinking it was okay to dump unused medications down the sink or toilet, but in reality this practice is harmful to the environment and is a major way that pharmaceuticals get into our waterways. Take Back My Meds is an organization in Milwaukee working to get medication disposal boxes in every neighborhood so you can easily do the right thing in safely disposing of your medications. See the map below to find your closest dropoff site.


Safely Dispose of Household Chemicals

Explore City of Milwaukee's website to find where you can drop off household chemicals, mercury-containing light bulbs, and batteries.



Talk to your representatives in local and state government about improved wastewater infrastructure. Find your representative at the website below. In-person meetings are best, but sending physical letters or calling are also good. Email isn't a very good way to get their attention because it's so easy to ignore.